Support Documentation

How do I reserve a spot?

Reserving a spot is as simple as finding a spot you like and selecting when to visit. You can do this within minutes of arriving or up to a month in advance. However, you will need to have a payment method in place to confirm the reservation. To make a reservation:

  1. Enter a payment method. Ensure that you have entered a payment method. To do so, visit your Profile using the menu and under the Billing Info section add a payment method.
  2. Search for hosts. When you sign in to Jam you will be on the Search screen. You may also navigate here by using the Search menu option. The map will automatically display the hosts with Jam Spots around you. Adjust the map or use the floating search button to modify the list of hosts.
  3. Select a Jam Spot. You can view a Jam Spot host details by clicking the map pin or by selecting the host from the list. You will then see the Jam Spots hosted by this location. Select the Jam Spot you like and visit the spot detail screen by pressing “View.”
  4. Confirm your reservation. On the spot detail screen you can see more information about the spot and set the time and date for your reservation. Once you have set your time press “Reserve” and in the next pop-up window confirm your reservation.

That’s it! Now just show up and Jam!